Why we’re moving on from Typekit logins

More than 95% of our active users have already made the switch to Adobe ID. Though we’re a little sorry to see our old logins go away, supporting two login systems ultimately consumes time and energy that we’d rather devote to working with foundries, getting more type added to our library, and generally making our service as delightful as possible.

Adopting the same sign-in credentials as other Adobe services is all part of our ongoing mission to put good typography within easy reach of more people.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

How do I know if I need to update?

If your Typekit subscription is part of a Creative Cloud membership, or if you signed up for a Typekit plan after April 4, 2012, you’re already set. All new Typekit accounts created after that date are already linked to Adobe IDs.

If you started using Typekit before April 4, 2012, you’ll need to connect an Adobe ID to your account in order to keep using Typekit. Linking your Typekit and Adobe accounts is fast and easy, and won't require you to change anything about the plan you're currently enjoying.

How this works, and what happens next

Once you click the Update button above, you'll be prompted to either sign in with an existing Adobe ID or create a new one. After you connect your accounts, you’ll use your Adobe ID email and password to sign into Typekit.

If you’re currently on a paid Typekit plan, you will not be billed any differently after connecting an Adobe ID to your account. Your service level and pricing will not change unless you elect to subscribe to a different plan.

If you already have a paid Creative Cloud membership, updating Typekit to use your Adobe ID may even save you some money each month, since our Portfolio plan may already be included as part of your membership. Once you connect your Adobe ID, we’ll send you a prorated refund for the time left on your Typekit account.