Update your Typekit login to Adobe ID

You can now update your Typekit login to a new or existing Adobe ID.

Update your Typekit login to Adobe ID

How this works

You’ll be prompted to either sign in with an existing Adobe ID or else create a new one. Once that’s complete (it will be fast, we promise), your Typekit account will be set up to use your Adobe ID. You will no longer be able to sign in with your former typekit.com username and password.

Note that this only affects the email address and password you use to sign in to Typekit; your subscription plan and kits will remain exactly as they are.

What you can expect going forward

Typekit is now available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription service. Connecting your Typekit account to your Adobe ID makes it easy to take advantage of this new service. Learn more about Typekit and Creative Cloud.

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