Typekit API Changelog

This page documents changes that have been made to the Typekit API over time. Any major or backwards incompatible changes will also announced on the Typekit Blog.

September 12th 2011

  • Deprecated analytics parameter to kits and kits/:kit. Google Analytics is now disabled for all newly published kits and may not be enabled.

June 28th 2011

  • Added optional families parameter to kits and kits/:kit which makes it possible to create or edit a kit and add or remove families in a single API call.

June 23rd 2011

  • Added optional segmented_css_names parameter to kits allowing control over the CSS names when creating a kit.

May 23rd 2011

February 14th 2011

August 26th 2010

July 29th 2010

  • Public launch of the Typekit API