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Sans serif Without serifs
Serif With serifs
Slab serif Thick, block-like serifs
Script Flowing or calligraphic
Blackletter Gothic script, “Old English”
Monospaced Fixed-width
Hand Handwritten or handmade
Decorative Swashes, distressed, irregular


Web Find fonts for use on the web. Add them to a kit, publish, embed on your website, and then use the fonts in your CSS.
Sync Find fonts to sync via Adobe Creative Cloud. Use them in any application for print design, website mockups, word processing, and more.


Weight Thickness of the strokes
Width Width of the letterforms
x-height Ratio of lowercase height to height of capitals
Contrast Ratio of thin strokes to thick strokes
Standard Upper and lowercase letters, as in “Type”
All caps All capitals or small capitals, as in “TYPE”
Default Figure Style Lining or Oldstyle (filters on the default style, even if a font contains both as OpenType features)

Language Support

Includes the minimum characters necessary to support each language. You may need to enable the “all characters” subset in your kit for some languages. Learn more.