Bring your own license to Typekit

Extend the value of your Typekit subscription by adding more font licenses from these foundries. Learn more ›

  1. http://fontshop.com
  2. http://processtypefoundry.com
  3. http://arstype.nl

In addition to the Typekit Terms of Use, users must adhere to the foundry’s End User License Agreement which was provided by the licensor when purchasing the font license.


Sans Serif Term Without Serifs Description
Serif Term Serif Description
Slab Serif Term Slab Serif Description
Script Term Script Description
Blackletter Term Blackletter Description Html
Monospaced Term Monospaced Description
Hand Term Hand Description
Decorative Term Decorative Description


Web Term Web Description
Desktop Term Desktop Description


Weight Term Weight Description
Width Term Width Description
X Height Term X Height Description
Contrast Term Contrast Description
Standard Term Standard Description Html
All Caps Term All Caps Description Html
Figure Term Figure Description