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Getting Started with Typekit

We are proud to work with some of the best type designers in the industry — and always eager to expand our type library. As our foundry partner, you can expect to extend your reach to millions of Creative Cloud members.

If you’re interested in including your typefaces in the Typekit library, please send a note to

What we’re looking for


When you license your fonts for desktop use, customers may sync them through the Creative Cloud application and then use the fonts in any desktop application. The fonts are not installed locally or embedded in files; customers must remain logged in to the Creative Cloud application in order to use the fonts they’ve synced. Through our integrations with applications like Photoshop and InDesign, type users who might not otherwise purchase a license directly now have access to a great variety of fonts.


When you license your fonts for use on the web, customers will be able to add them to our hosted kits and publish them to their websites.

Licensing API

With our licensing service, you can sell perpetual licenses directly to your customers, who can then use Typekit as a smart web font hosting service.


We pay royalties based on actual usage by Typekit and Creative Cloud customers. For web font serving, we count the number of pageviews per font; for syncing, we count the number of syncs per font, per month. We pay you according to that figure.

Creative Cloud membership continues to grow, which means more people who can find and use your fonts!

We’re happy to provide more information on any method of licensing to see which fits better with you and your customers. For more information, or to contact us about submitting fonts, write to us at

Quality fonts from the world’s best foundries.