Foundries and Type Designers

Getting Started with Typekit

We are eager to hear from new foundries and type designers. If you are interested in including your fonts in the Typekit library, please send a note to with the following information:

  1. A link to a page on the web showing the fonts you think would be appropriate for Typekit. Image samples or PDF specimens are fine — the fonts do not need to be linked to the page via @font-face.
  2. Background information on yourself and your fonts. Visit any font specimen page at (like this one for Proxima Nova to see what sort of detail we need).
  3. If your type suits a need that our library doesn’t currently address, please explain. This is very helpful.
  4. Describe what work has been done to help your type perform well on the web. Has the font been hinted or redrawn? To what extent are international character sets included?

What we’re looking for

The Typekit team evaluates type with an emphasis on great text faces, as well as resonant and/or outstanding display faces. Quality is more important than quantity. We typically do not accept pixel fonts, grunge fonts, or ornaments/dingbats.

Typekit’s licensing models

We’ve developed two ways of licensing web fonts via Typekit:

  1. Library Subscription: When you put your fonts in our library, they become available to thousands of paying customers. As your fonts are used on their sites, we share the subscription revenue with you. The more popular your fonts are, the more you make.
  2. Licensing API: With our new automated licensing service, you can now sell web-licensed fonts directly to your customers, and your customer can use Typekit as a very smart webfont hosting service.

We’re happy to provide more information on either method of licensing to see which fits better with you and your customers. For more information, or to contact us about submitting fonts, write to us at