Alternatives to Georgia

Matthew Carter’s excellent serif, Georgia, has been the web designers’ go-to paragraph font for years. But a wealth of new options await.
Text from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

  1. Kepler Std

    by Adobe

    Kepler’s high contrast and slight oldstyle details make it a classy alternative.
  2. Chaparral Pro

    by Adobe

    Chaparral’s slab serifs and roman book form allow it to excel on the screen.
  3. FF Meta Serif Web Pro

    by FontFont

    The companion to FF Meta, FF Meta Serif is pleasantly readable at small sizes, and renders well even on Windows.
  4. FF Tisa Pro

    by FontFont

    FF Tisa is a workhorse with its large x-height and sturdy serifs.
  5. Minion Pro

    by Adobe

    An elegant and classical choice, designed by Robert Slimbach.
  6. Droid Serif

    by Google Android

    Designed especially for the screen, Droid Serif renders well and is pleasantly readable.
  7. Rooney Web

    by Jan Fromm

    Rooney’s soft serifs and terminals give it a warm, casual look.
  8. Garamond Premier Pro Caption

    by Adobe

    The caption version of Garamond Premier Pro is well suited to paragraph text; the accompanying italics are really lovely.
  9. Le Monde Journal Std

    by Typofonderie

    A more contemporary take on Times New Roman, and better suited to screen text.