Casual fonts

These informal typefaces are perfect for more leisurely use.
Text from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

  1. Kremlin Pro

    by ParaType

    An energetic and confident handwriting style.
  2. Omnes Pro

    by Darden Studio

    Omnes’ bold italic weight is frisky and informal.
  3. FF Market

    by FontFont

    A friendly, casual script, great for short subheads or pull-quotes.
  4. FF Prater Script Web

    by FontFont

    Loopy and illustrative, FF Prater Script would feel at home selling ice cream or candies.
  5. Caflisch Script Pro

    by Adobe Originals

    A flowing but very readable script, named for the designer whose handwriting it was styled after.
  6. FF Cocon Web Pro

    by FontFont

    Brush-stroke inspired terminals give FF Cocon a flowing, lyrical feel.
  7. Salsbury

    by Typodermic

    Salsbury offers a clean, handwritten marker style.
  8. League Script No. 1

    by The League of Moveable Type

    A flowing, monolinear handwriting script with a bit of a retro feel.
  9. Delve Hand

    by Delve Fonts

    Delve Hand’s quirky style is based on the designer’s own handwriting.
  10. Foco

    by Dalton Maag

    Foco's terminals combine hard and round corners, giving it just a touch of playfulness.