Code fonts

These fonts were built for coding. Monospaced, with clearly distinguishable characters, they are perfect for copy-and-paste script samples, live editing, and readme-style documentation.
Text from The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

  1. Source Code Pro

    by Adobe

    Clear, athletic, and available in six weights, Source Code is an extension of Adobe's first open source type family, Source Sans.
  2. Fira Mono

    by Mozilla

    Fira Mono is a monospaced variant of Fira Sans, which was designed around characteristics of the Firefox OS. Two weights: regular and bold.
  3. Anonymous Pro

    by Mark Simonson Studio

    In its silent and stylish way, this family of four fixed width fonts (including italics) comprises both geometric and grotesque shapes.
  4. Ubuntu Mono

    by Google

    Scientific and simple, with a cosmopolitan humanist air reflective of the Ubuntu family. Four styles, including italics.
  5. Inconsolata

    by Raph Levien

    Inconsolata fuses ideas from Frutiger, Franklin Gothic, and Japanese Gothic fonts, with a light footprint.
  6. Droid Sans Mono

    by Google Android

    Designed for use on small screens, this member of the Droid family features tall, open forms.
  7. Hack

    by Source Foundry

    Hack includes monospaced regular, bold, oblique, and bold oblique sets to cover all of your syntax highlighting needs.