Geometric sans serifs

These sans serifs are constructed of straight, monolinear lines and circular or square shapes. This can make them very cold and clinical, but also quite simple. The starkness of most geometric sans serifs makes for great headings, but they are usually less than ideal for long paragraphs.
Text from The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

  1. Futura PT

    by ParaType

    The prototypical geometric typeface, Futura PT is minimal and clear, and well-hinted for clarity at all but the smallest sizes.
  2. Proxima Nova

    by Mark Simonson Studio

    One of the most popular sans serif web fonts. And for good reason: it’s clear, approachable, and effective in both headings and paragraphs.
  3. Allumi Std

    by Typofonderie

    Allumi is square enough to fit in this category, but less rigid than most geometrics, capable of longer paragraphs.
  4. Museo Sans

    by exljbris Font Foundry

    Based on the well-known Museo, Museo Sans is a sturdy, clear sans serif suitable for both headings and paragraphs.
  5. P22 Underground

    by P22

    The cleaner, more uniform ancestor of Gill Sans, based on the geometric sans serif made for the London Underground system in 1916.
  6. JAF Domus Titling

    by Just Another Foundry

    A rounded all-caps typeface with classical Roman proportions. Good for a regal, distinguished feel. Lots of weights and accented characters.
  7. Europa

    by EuropaType

    Influenced by Futura and Gill Sans, Europa is a prototypical geometric sans serif with just a splash of humanism.
  8. Apertura

    by Betatype

    With the roundness of Futura but the openness of a humanist, Apertura was designed with screen-based interfaces in mind.
  9. Brandon Grotesque

    by HVD Fonts

    A Geometric with a vintage feel, Brandon gets its warmth and elegance from long descenders and rounded stroke endings.
  10. FP Head Pro

    by Fontpartners

    Reminiscent of the chrome emblems on modern automobiles, FP Head is useful for emphasizing speed and power. Best at 24px and above.
  11. Atrament Web

    by Suitcase Type Foundry

    An extra tight headliner with rectangular shapes and soft stroke endings. Best used large, but the regular weight works for short subheads.
  12. Liquorstore

    by Chank Co

    Inspired by hand-painted signage, Chank created Liquorstore as a simple exercise in letters based on basic geometric forms.
  13. Mic 32 New Web

    by Moretype

    Mic 32's futuristic, minimalist letterforms are built from basic round elements. It retains legibility despite the reductionist concept.
  14. Faricy New Web

    by Moretype

    A contemporary twist on Futura with strokes trimmed at an angle. Best used for branding and headings.
  15. Magistral

    by ParaType

    Magistral was inspired by another square sans, Eurostile (1962), but its minimal approach feels newer.
  16. Mostra Nuova

    by Mark Simonson Studio

    Based on a style of lettering often seen on Italian Art Deco posters and advertising of the 1930s.
  17. FF Netto Web

    by FontFont

    A no-frills typeface with as little historical ballast as possible. Letters reduced to their most basic shapes, softened with round ends.
  18. Refrigerator Deluxe

    by Mark Simonson Studio

    Based on the "block letter" style common in lettering of the 1930s–1950s, Refrigerator has a charming geometry that feels handmade.
  19. Nudista Web

    by Suitcase Type Foundry

    A sturdy, modern typeface, built around the pill shape — flat sides, round top and bottom. Good for headings and short paragraphs.
  20. Purista Web

    by Suitcase Type Foundry

    The brother of Nudista, Purista is more strict and square, with sharper corners and a unique, angular italic.
  21. Soleil

    by TypeTogether

    Soleil has open counters and friendly proportions that give it a soft exterior and counterbalance its rigid geometric skeleton.