Humanist sans serifs

These typefaces are calligraphic in structure, often with higher stroke contrast than other sans serifs. They have open forms that lead the eye horizontally, making them the best sans serifs for long reading and small text.
Text from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

  1. Freight Sans Pro

    by Phil's Fonts

    Multifunctional type with plenty of personality, Freight Sans (and its serif companion, Text) offers a broad range of weights and uses.
  2. FF Meta Web Pro

    by FontFont

    One of the first typefaces of the digital era, FF Meta still holds up. Excellent performance at small sizes, subtle character when large.
  3. Calluna Sans

    by exljbris Font Foundry

    The sans serif counterpart to Calluna, it shares the same humanist construction, but with less stroke contrast. Better for informal text.
  4. CamingoDos Web

    by Jan Fromm

    Humanist readability with square geometry, CamingoDos is a very functional type family with a contemporary feel.
  5. Bree

    by TypeTogether

    Influenced by handwriting, Bree has a lively mixture of basic capitals and more vivid lowercase letters.
  6. Ronnia

    by TypeTogether

    If you dig Bree, but it’s attracting just a tad too much attention for the task at hand, try Ronnia.
  7. Prenton

    by BluHead Studio

    A Gill Sans for the 21st century. All the elegance and personality of the original, but with more regularity between letterforms.
  8. Urbana

    by César Puertas

    Inspired by the hand lettering of Columbian signs, Urbana offers a friendly, approachable style and saves space to boot.
  9. Myriad Pro

    by Adobe

    Chosen by Apple and others for its supreme legibility, Myriad is a contemporary workhorse, delivering content without distraction.
  10. JAF Facit

    by Just Another Foundry

    All the aspects of clear, legible screen type: a reasonably large x-height, open shapes, and hand hinting. An excellent Verdana replacement.
  11. FF Duper Pro

    by FontFont

    When Comic Sans is just too comic, FF Duper steps in. A highly legible, and much less mockable, handwritten sans serif.
  12. Cora

    by TypeTogether

    Like Optima, Cora has classical proportions and visible contrast. But its x-height is larger, making it legible at smaller sizes.
  13. Open Sans

    by Google

    An enhanced version of Droid Sans, this family offers more weights and harmonized forms. Optimized for desktop and mobile screens.
  14. Omnes Pro

    by Darden Studio

    More than a standard sans with soft ends. A great typeface for playful branding.
  15. Cronos Pro

    by Adobe

    Derived from the calligraphically inspired type of the Renaissance, Cronos has a warm, handwritten appearance.
  16. FP Dancer Pro

    by Fontpartners

    Laid back and approachable, FP Dancer exudes personality without sacrificing legibility. Good for informal websites and branding.
  17. FF Dax Web Pro Condensed

    by FontFont

    This large family of four widths began with Condensed, combining the clarity of a narrow Futura with a more human touch.
  18. Comenia Sans Web

    by Suitcase Type Foundry

    Simple, distinctive letterforms result in excellent readability at nearly any size.
  19. FF Cocon Web Pro

    by FontFont

    Evert Bloemsma omitted the small spurs of the lowercase a, b, d, g, h, m, n, p, q, r, and u, making this a distinctive option for branding.
  20. PT Sans

    by ParaType

    A large, multifunctional family designed from the start for screen typography. See also the Caption, Narrow, and Serif companions.
  21. Angie Sans Std

    by Typofonderie

    A low contrast sans based on inscribed (stone carved) styles. Letterforms are open and distinct from one another which aids legibility.