Humanist serifs

Sometimes called “Old Style,” this is the very first kind of Roman typeface. The letters are derived from a pen held at a consistent angle, creating a steady, readable rhythm. This is the style of type most commonly used for books and other longform text, so they make good paragraph fonts.
Text from Tristram Shandy by Lawrence Sterne

  1. Adobe Garamond Pro

    by Adobe

    A modernization of one of the most classic book typefaces, this is the Garamond most of us know and love.
  2. Garamond Premier Pro Display

    by Adobe

    A more direct revival of Garamond. The Display family is delicate and showy for headings.
  3. Athelas

    by TypeTogether

    This award-winner is a return to the beauty of fine book printing, inspired in Britain's literary classics.
  4. Adobe Jenson Pro

    by Adobe

    The Renaissance era produced type that was just a step away from calligraphy. Adobe Jenson is one of the best interpretations of this style.
  5. Arno Pro

    by Adobe

    Another Renaissance-inspired design, but not quite as calligraphic as Jenson. A large x-height makes it a better typeface for screen text.
  6. JAF Lapture

    by Just Another Foundry

    Influenced by blackletter (gothic) type, Lapture has a warmth and roughness.
  7. Minion Pro

    by Adobe

    A very functional take on humanist serifs, Minion is a contemporary workhorse, readable and quite neutral.
  8. FF Tisa Pro

    by FontFont

    One of our most popular serifs for paragraphs, FF Tisa has a sturdiness for small text and a subtle charm that fits almost any content.
  9. Livory

    by HVD Fonts

    Influenced by the French Renaissance type of the 16th century, Livory has an organic, handmade look, with soft corners.
  10. Apolline Std

    by Typofonderie

    An award-winner with a very horizontal emphasis coming from its angled stroke contrast and asymmetrical serifs.
  11. Calluna

    by exljbris Font Foundry

    A robust face with interesting details and a forward flow. Calluna makes for comfortable reading even at very small text sizes.
  12. Adobe Text Pro

    by Adobe

    A versatile workhorse. Based on 17th century type by Miklós Kis that is especially suited for long passages of text.