Rounded fonts

Soft terminals give these fonts a gentle, accessible air.
Text from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

  1. JAF Domus Titling

    by Just Another Foundry

    Classical Roman proportions plus soft terminals give Domus Titling an air of leisurely sophistication.
  2. Sommet Rounded

    by Insigne Design

    Slightly compressed, Sommet Rounded’s rectangular shapes create a tech-friendly vibe.
  3. Museo Sans Rounded

    by exljbris Font Foundry

    The rounded companion to Museo Sans is mellow in the lightest weight, and pleasantly pillowy in the heaviest.
  4. Le Havre Rounded

    by Insigne Design

    High x-height and long ascenders give this rounded font an art deco feel.
  5. Vinyl

    by T-26

    Vinyl’s condensed shape pairs with rounded terminals for a sign-painterly style.
  6. Omnes Pro

    by Darden Studio

    Joshua Darden’s Omnes is restrained in the lighter weights, playful in the heavier weights.
  7. Rooney Web

    by Jan Fromm

    Suitable for running text, Rooney’s soft terminals make it warm and friendly.
  8. Rooney Sans Web

    by Jan Fromm

    With less flair than its serifed sibling, the surprisingly sturdy Rooney Sans is also terrific for running text.
  9. Chennai Slab

    by Insigne Design

    A geometric form and large, rounded serifs combine in this quirky font.
  10. Cooper Black Std

    by Adobe

    The classic t-shirt font, Cooper Black’s soft curves and heavy strokes are wonderfully charming.
  11. Orgovan Rounded Web

    by Suitcase Type Foundry

    Based on a sign painters’ brush stroke, Orgovan Rounded is a great titling font.
  12. Scheme

    by Typodermic

    A simple, moderate contrast font, suitable for display use.
  13. Report

    by Typodermic

    A soft geometric sans, most charming in the bold weight.
  14. Chippewa Falls

    by Chank Co

    Swash uppercase letters pair with oblique capitals for an old-fashioned vibe.
  15. Brevia

    by HVD Fonts

    Brevia features an extra large x-height and expressive italics; a large family makes it flexible.
  16. FF Cocon Web Pro

    by FontFont

    FF Cocon’s terminals and heavy strokes are reminiscent of brush strokes.
  17. FF Netto Web

    by FontFont

    A narrow geometric construction and minimalist forms gives FF Netto a simple, no-frills feel.
  18. Brandon Grotesque

    by HVD Fonts

    HVD Fonts' Brandon Grotesque manages to be both informal and classy.
  19. FF Speak Web

    by FontFont

    FF Speak's casual look emerges from its exaggerated curves.
  20. Kaffeesatz

    by Yanone

    Kaffeesatz’s condensed shape makes it an efficient choice for setting compact headlines.
  21. Sniglet

    by The League of Moveable Type

    Sniglet’s inflated round shape suggests an overstuffed teddy bear.
  22. Foco

    by Dalton Maag

    Foco's terminals combine hard and round corners, giving it just a touch of playfulness.