Launch your very own futuristic drama with these fonts on your side.
Text from The Time Machine by H.G. Wells

  1. JAF Mashine

    by Just Another Foundry

    A quirky, geometric face perfectly suited to labels on metal bulkheads.
  2. Futura PT

    by ParaType

    Stanley Kubrick’s font of choice for 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  3. Nasalization

    by Typodermic

    Based on the NASA logo, ideal for branding that space agency in your alternate universe.
  4. Sommet Rounded

    by Insigne Design

    Somment’s rectangular shapes give it a subtle techno-vibe.
  5. Larabiefont

    by Typodermic

    Think high-tech typewriter and you can put Larabiefont to good use.
  6. Tachyon

    by Fonthead

    Tachyon is perfect for lending a bit of Total Recall-esque kitsch.
  7. Hoverunit

    by Typodermic

    Hoverunit reads like a transmission from a rogue computer.
  8. Orbitron

    by The League of Moveable Type

    From the League of Movable Type, Orbitron is rigid and angular.
  9. Automate

    by T-26

    Automate suggests the digital divide while remaining readable; perfect for time-machine communiques.
  10. Tenby Seven

    by Paragraph

    Tenby Seven is at once futuristic and retro-80s.
  11. Neuropol Nova

    by Typodermic

    Barely recognizable characters form a future when letters are obsolete.
  12. Xenara

    by Typodermic

    Evoke the early days of digital technology with this calculator style.
  13. BD Jupiter

    by Buro Destruct

    High-tech meets stencil in this military inspired font.
  14. FP Head Pro

    by Fontpartners

    FP Head has an electronic, but analog air.
  15. FF Mach Web Pro

    by FontFont

    There are no bezier curves in the future.
  16. FF Chambers Sans Web

    by FontFont

    A future-meets-past mashup of sterility and elegance.