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Network Test for Desktop Sync

{{name}} : Click for more information : Click to hide information Failed: {{properties.display}}
Success: {{properties.display}}

Data: {{ || '<' + 'no response' + '>'}}

Status Code: {{ properties.response.status || '<' + 'no response' + '>'}}

Status Text: {{ properties.response.statusText || '<' + 'no response' + '>'}}

Headers: {{ properties.response.config.headers || '<' + 'no response' + '>'}}

URL: {{ properties.response.config.url || '<' + 'no response' + '>'}}

For more information, run a traceroute on the URL:

On Mac OS: Open the System Information tool from the Applications > Utilities folder, and choose Window > Network Utility. Select the Traceroute option and enter "{{ properties.response.config.url.replace('https://','')}}" in the network address box without the quotes. Click Trace.

On Windows: Open the Command Prompt window and enter "tracert {{ properties.response.config.url.replace('https://','') }}" without the quotes. Press Enter.

When the trace has finished, make a copy or screenshot of the results.

There's a problem with your network connection to Typekit. Please copy these results and send them to Typekit Support at Checking network connections from your computer to Typekit... All the network checks passed! If you're still having trouble syncing fonts, please email Typekit Support at
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