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Allumi STD from Porchez Typofonderie

From Porchez Typofonderie comes Allumi STD, a sleek, sturdy sans in eighteen styles. Like its wider counterpart, the recently released Allumi STD Extended, most styles are served with PostScript-based outlines for smooth rendering at...

Five new display fonts from Porchez Typofonderie

Today we’re delighted to welcome five more typefaces from Porchez Typofonderie to the Typekit library. They’re meant for display use, so we serve them with PostScript-based outlines for optimal rendering at large sizes. Top to bottom:...

Optimizing Fonts for the Web: Unicode values, glyph set, underlines, and strike-through

This is the second in a series of articles from Typekit’s resident type designer, Tim Ahrens, on how we optimize fonts for the web. Read the first article. Unicode values Whenever text is stored or transmitted digitally, it is done so...

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