A remote control for your style

The Typekit Editor

We’ve worked hard to make Typekit intuitive and easy to use. As you add fonts to your site, you’ll have the opportunity to customize how they’re applied before publishing the changes you’ve made.

Connecting to CSS

The Kit Editor lets you apply your fonts to CSS classes, IDs, or any HTML tag in your markup. You simply enter the selector and click publish. Done!

Style your way

Do you hand code your sites? So do we. You can also add font names directly to the stacks in your stylesheet, just like you do now.

Kit Editor: Other ways to use this font

Weights and styles

We also give you control over exactly what you include in your kit. Most fonts come as parts of families, but there’s no point using up bandwidth for every weight if you’re not displaying it. Choose to send Semibold Italic, but not Light Roman.

Advanced control

Our font events offer additional control over how fonts are loaded on the page, allowing you to better control fallback fonts and styles (for browsers that don’t yet support @font-face), control the flash of unstyled text (FOUT), and more.

Speak your language

Typekit fonts support a dozen languages, from French and Spanish, to Russian, Czech, and more. And we add new languages all the time, so you’ll know the fonts you choose will include all the characters you need.

Running total

Every change you make affects how big your kit will be, and we update the total in real time.