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Typekit partners with the world’s leading type foundries to bring thousands of beautiful fonts to designers every day. No need to worry about licensing, and you can use fonts from Typekit on the web or in desktop applications.

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What is Typekit?

Adobe Typekit brings thousands of fonts from foundry partners into one beautiful library for subscription or purchase. Enjoy quick browsing, easy use on the web or in applications, and endless typographic inspiration. Typekit is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are.


Glitchy font files are beyond frustrating when you’re a designer — and we won’t let them get to you. We test all the fonts in our library to ensure excellent performance across different web browsers and smooth behavior everywhere else.

Easy to use

When the fonts you use are on Typekit, you never need to deal with the font files, the licenses, or the hassle of revisiting both those things when you get a new computer. Choose the fonts you want to use, and we’ll get them where they need to be.

Simple licensing

We want you to use these fonts in your work, so our terms of use are simple — and apply to all the fonts in our collection. No more guessing whether you’re in the clear legally with the fonts you use.

On the web

Adding fonts to your website has never been easier. Put together a kit, publish it to your site, and edit it anytime you like if you want to try different fonts later.

On your computers

Once you’ve synced a font from the library through Creative Cloud, it will show up in the font menu of your programs just like any system font — no installation necessary.

On your devices

Syncing takes fonts everywhere that Creative Cloud goes — which includes on-the-go design apps like Adobe Comp.

Seamless integrations

Typekit isn’t just a service; it’s a platform for bringing great type into all kinds of other products, both inside and out of Adobe. Your font library has never been this flexible. We’re continuing to expand on our integrations with partners, so you’ll see a lot of Typekit built right in to your regular workflow with your favorite design apps.

Welcome to the type community

With all these great fonts on Typekit, you can believe we’ve got things to say about using them! We’re type geeks, and we love sharing what we’ve learned — and above all, we want to spread typographic passion and knowledge as far and wide as we can.

A blog worth bookmarking

In addition to keeping you updated on Typekit news, we feature original articles exploring topics related to typography and design.


Good typographic decisions take practice. Typekit Practice is a collection of resources and a place to try things, hone your skills, and stay sharp.

Showing our work

We’re continually developing our service, and we build support into that every step of the way with comprehensive documentation for those who are using Typekit as a service, as well as those building with our API.

Unparalleled support

Customers rave about our support — and we couldn’t be happier to be of service! Get in touch if you’re feeling stuck.

Our service, expertise, and infrastructure is used by world-class teams all over

Subscription plans

We offer subscription plans suiting different needs — including a free plan, if you just want to take a look around and try things out. Typekit Portfolio is included with a paid Creative Cloud subscription, which is a great option if you regularly use Adobe applications in your work.

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  • Free Plan

    A limited collection of fonts to try out on a website and sync.

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  • Portfolio Plan

    Our full library of fonts. Use on as many websites as you like, and sync.

    US$4999/year Sign Up
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

    A Portfolio plan is included with all the CC desktop apps, web services, and much more.

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    US$1999/month View Plans

We’re here to help

Questions, problems? Strong feelings about Brandon Grotesque? Our email-driven support is here to help you with whatever issues might come up.

or reach us on Twitter: @Typekit

Status blog

We keep the status blog updated any time there’s a blip in our network somewhere, whether with web fonts, font syncing issues, or trouble with the Typekit website or API. Check it out if you’re seeing any issues.

Quality fonts from the world’s best foundries.