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Xavier Dupré

About the designer

Xavier Dupré was born in France in 1977. He studied graphic design in Paris as well as calligraphy and typography at the Scriptorium de Toulouse with Bernard Arin and Rodolphe Giuglardo. Since 1999 he has worked as a type designer in a packaging design agency. He has also collaborated with Ladislas Mandel (known for telephone directory typography) on Renaissance experimental writings. Since 2001, after publishing his first type family through FontFont, he has lived and travelled in Asia where he designed Latin & Khmer typefaces for NGOs in Cambodia. His typefaces have been awarded on several occasions with the Certificate of Typographic Excellence by New York’s Type Directors Club.

Xavier prefers to work in full freedom, without any constraints, in order to spend time observing nature and cooking — especially vegetarian food and pastries.

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