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Typekit Marketplace is your hub for finding and buying great fonts from some of the biggest names in the type world. Choose the fonts you love, and we’ll deliver them wherever you need through our advanced font services — whether that’s synced to your applications, or hosted on the web.

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Who are we?

You may already know Typekit as a subscription library of fonts, which is included with a paid Creative Cloud subscription. The fonts you’ll find on Marketplace are something a little different, with prices set by the respective foundries. You don’t need one to enjoy the other, but we think it’s a pretty powerful combination.

With our cloud hosting and sync technology, Typekit is the easiest way to bring great type into your workflow, wherever you are.

Fonts you know & love

You’ll recognize several of our existing foundry partners in the Marketplace, as well as many more we’re delighted to welcome to the Typekit family.

Typographically robust

Fonts served through Typekit include all the typographic goodies that the type designers wish to include. OpenType features are right there for you to use, whether you’re selecting alternates from the glyph palette or turning on old-style numerals with CSS.

Part of a creative community

We use Creative Cloud as a framework to manage your selected fonts across your desktop and mobile applications — and we’re delighted to use this platform to put great type within reach of even more people. It’s always free to sign up, and we won’t charge you a cent until you tell us you’d like to buy something.

Licensing, simplified

Yes, it’s true: Typefaces are intellectual property. We negotiate licensing terms with each of our foundry partners individually, so that when they see their type in use in your projects, everyone feels good about it.

We keep the licensing as simple as we can, so you can spend more time actually getting use out of the fonts. All Marketplace font purchases give you the rights you get with our subscription library, including both desktop and web publishing for personal and commercial use. For all the details, see our Terms of Use.

How it works

You don’t need a paid subscription plan to get fonts from Typekit Marketplace. However, you’ll need to set up a free Creative Cloud account in order to use the fonts you buy in desktop programs or on the web.

Find fonts

Dive right in and let inspiration strike, or use our filters to narrow your search.

Buy fonts

Choose the specific weights and styles you need, or spring for a complete package.

Use fonts

The fonts you buy will appear in your library on Typekit, ready to use on the web or in applications.

Getting started

Once you’re logged in, fonts you choose to buy from the Marketplace will be charged to your credit card on file. Purchased fonts will appear in the ‘My Library’ on — and what you do with them from there is completely up to you!

A few things to know about fonts from Marketplace

These fonts look great on the web. Thanks to our hosting service, they’ll perform beautifully, too. When we host your web fonts, your pageview and kit limits are the same as for your selected plan — whether that’s our free plan, a Portfolio plan, or an enterprise-level subscription.

We do not count Marketplace fonts towards your sync limit. You will not see any reduction to your sync limit when you add Marketplace fonts to your library. Buy as many as you’d like!

These are not perpetual licenses. You won’t have direct access to the font files, so you will need to keep the Creative Cloud application running in order to keep using the Marketplace fonts you’ve synced. For those of you working with printers, read on for our guidance on that.

When you sync the fonts you’ve purchased from Marketplace, the fonts will appear in the Assets > Fonts tab of your Creative Cloud application, along with any other fonts you may have already synced from the Typekit library. If you unsync one by accident, don’t worry — you don’t need to buy it again! It will still appear in My Library when you log in to Typekit, and you can sync it again from there.

Your Creative Cloud subscription fees do not count as credit towards Typekit Marketplace purchases. The same is true of your standalone Typekit subscription fee, if that’s how you roll. Keep in mind you do not need either of these paid subscription plans to buy and use fonts from Typekit Marketplace — all you need is the free Creative Cloud membership.

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