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Thanks to Typekit, visitors to our web site get to enjoy Irvin — our signature font, created by The New Yorker’s first art director, Rea Irvin — and search engines can read it, too.

Blake Eskin, Editor

Typekit is a fantastic partner, with the best web font technology out there and exemplary customer support to back it up.

Bruno Maag, Chairman Dalton Maag

With many millions of users, we needed a font solution that could scale. Typekit delivered.

Rhiannon Bell, Design Director Zynga

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The best foundries

Typekit’s library features world class fonts from old classics to new favorites. Have a custom font you need to use exclusively? Learn more about our Enterprise Plans.

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We pay careful attention to rendering quality and work closely with our foundry partners to ensure that their fonts meet our — and your — high standards.

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We work with our foundry partners to update fonts as browser support and font technology evolve. You’ll receive an instant update as fonts improve.

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Typekit works on all modern browsers, on Macs, PCs, and Ubuntu, as well as on iOS and Android devices. Collectively, we reach 97% of the web. And as browser support for web fonts evolves, our service will expand.

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